2018 Alpha Omega Cabernet Franc

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2018 Alpha Omega Cabernet Franc

  • S$23899

Vintage: 2018

Country: USA

Region: Napa Valley

Varietal: Blend (59%Merlot, 41%Cab Franc) 

Aging: 22 months in French oak, 80% new, 20% 1-year-old barrels


We pay homage to the Saint-Émilion region in Bordeaux with our Right Bank Napa Valley 2018. Our winemaking team delighted in blending this wine, which was made using a vast selection of different coopers, all French oak of course, with a range of toasting levels and sourced from various forests throughout the country. The final result is our version of the perfect match of Merlot and Cabernet Franc

Vintage Notes
Dubbed a “Winemaker’s Dream Vintage” the 2018 growing season in Napa saw cooler than average temperatures throughout Spring and Summer. With saturated grounds from winter rains, vines coming out of dormancy had plenty of water supply for healthy bud-breaks, which with the exception of a slightly delayed Sauvignon Blanc, occurred on time in late March through early April. Precipitation of 0.6” in April had no impact on vines and another 0.3” in early May did not negatively affect bloom. On the contrary – it probably resulted in higher yields as cluster sizes in general came in larger than average. We think 2018 is superior and will be THE best vintage for Napa Valley ever


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