2019 Mad Hatter Napa Valley Red Wine

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2019 Mad Hatter Napa Valley Red Wine

Vivino 4.6
  • S$15297

Vintage: 2019

Region: Napa Valley

Country: USA

Winemaker Notes

The Mad Hatter is an aromatic blend of plum, wild raspberry, fig, Maraschino cherry, and cocoa powder and a hint of baking spice. On the palate, it has bold and lively flavors with a rich mouthfeel and a long, smooth finish.

About Winery

It began on back country roads and among the vines. The Beckstoffer family arrived in the Napa Valley in 1975 and the young son of a future pioneer spent his days in the vineyards throughout every growing season, cultivating deep roots.

Brought up to respect the land and its fruit, Tuck naturally sought out the practice of viticulture, learning from the masters around him. Much like his father before him, he is a farmer first. It was only after he mastered the art of first craft that he turned his attention to a second craft—winemaking. Over three decades after he first set foot in the valley, Tuck bottled his first wine. For him, it was not a whim or passion project, but the culmination of a life lived on the land, among the vines.  

Today, Tuck is one of the few Napa stewards who is both a grower and a winemaker. It is this pedigree that makes his approach different: the process begins with the land itself and culminates with a reverence for the winemaking traditions of the past—sharing successes and failures among fellow craftsmen and appreciating the fruits of their labor over a beautiful bottle of wine.


Created as the second label to Dancing Hares, Mad Hatter has developed its own unique place in the market, finding itself in personal cellars as well as anchored on notable wine lists at upscale restaurants all over the country. At a more approachable price point, Mad Hatter is known universally as a wine of both value and substance. The intention of Mad Hatter, vintage after vintage, is to create a Bordeaux based Proprietary Red Wine that remains consistent in style—enjoyable both in its youth and age-worthy as you would expect from a Napa Valley wine comprised of primarily Cabernet Sauvignon. Mad Hatter is only beginning its journey and growth within the industry. While it maintains a significant place in the history of the estate, it is a wine that will also have a strong presence in its future. This may not be the first time, and will certainly not be the last time you’ll read about Mad Hatter Napa Valley Red Wine.

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